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I am teaching serveral courses in the BSc Biology and MSc Biodiversity and Conservation at the Faculty of Biology of the Philipps University Marburg.

MSc courses

In the summer semester, I teach a course on “Citizen Science in Ecology and Conservation“. Students learn about citizen science, explore ongoing projects, prepare seminar talks on different topics linked to CS, and most importantly, work on their own CS projects. Currently ongoing projects collect data on neobiota and projected species in Hesse in close collaboration with the Hessian Agency for Nature Conservation, Environment and Geology (HLNUG). Currently ongoing projects aim at collecting data on Asian predatory wasps, vineyard snails and praying mantis.

Further, I am involved in the seminar of the MSc course on “Forest conservation and management” where we focus on conflicts that arise among the various stakeholders in forest conservation and management.

 BSc courses

In the winter semester, I teach a course on “Conservation biology“. In the seminar, students present publications relevant in the context of conservation biology. In the course, students learn how genetic methods can be applied in conservation biology. We work with serveral data sets, and students learn how to analyze, illustrate and interpret the data in the context of conservation biology.

Dr. Katrin Heer
+49 6421 2823374