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At the Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg, my team and I are teaching a diverse set of courses in Forest Sciences and Environmental Sciences at the BSc and MSc level.

At the BSc level, we teach

  • Forest Genetics & Breeding (BSc Forst Sciences)
  • Conservation Biology (BSc, Major Conservation and Land use)
  • Citizen Science – Science for everyone (elective course)

At the MSc level, my working group is teaching several courses dealing with the understanding and analysis of genetic and genomic data in forestry and conservation, including

  • Genetic and genomic methods in forest management and conservation (MSc, Major Forst Ecology Research)
  • Genetic methods in conservation and forestry (MSc, Major Forest Sciences and Major Land Use and Conservation)
  • Bioinformatics (MSc, Major Environmental Modelling and Data Sciences)
  • Landscape genetics (MSc, elective course)

My working group is also involved in the following courses:

  • Environmental Microbiology and Biochemistry (BSc Environmental Sciences)
  • Fauna and Flora (BSc Environmental Sciences and Forest Sciences)
  • Recognizing and identifying species (BSc, Major Conservation and Land Use)
  • Professional approaches and research skills (MSc Forest Sciences)


Prof. Dr. Katrin Heer
+49 761 203 3647